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Ford Shelby GT approved to compete in SCCA

The SCCA has just given approval to the Ford Shelby GT so the car can be raced in its T2 class. In the process, lucky owners of Mustangs with Ford's Racing Performance Packs were let in as well. The FRPPs boost hp a bit, sharpen handling, strengthen braking, and generally make the 'Stangs more trackable. Seeing as how the Shelby GT is essentially a Mustang GT with these packages installed, any Mustang GT with these upgrades are SCCA legal, too. Because T2 is a Touring Car class in SCCA that tries to stay as close to stock as reasonably possible, modifications are usually a no-no. These factory packs are a little different though, so the SCCA has decided to allow them. Ford also announced contingencies for first and second place finishers that can be found by clicking and registering here. Drivers of the Mustangs will face cars ranging from the Pontiac GTO to Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer EVO in T2. A full press release can be found after the jump.

[Source: Ford]

Press Release:

2007 Ford Shelby GT, featuring Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP), has been homologated by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) for competition in the Touring 2 (T2) class.

Performance Packs from Ford Racing available for all 2005-2007 Mustangs are also homologated for T2 competition.

DEARBORN, Mich., February 12, 2007 - The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) has homologated the new 2007 Ford Shelby GT for competition in its T2 class. Owners of 2005-2007 model year Mustangs also scored big with the SCCA and will be allowed to compete using Ford Racing Performance Packs in the T2 class.

"Mustang has a long winning tradition in road racing, and Ford Racing plans to build on that heritage," said Jamie Allison, Ford Racing Performance Group Manager. "The Ford Shelby GT, along with FRPP-modified Mustangs, can now continue the Mustang racing legacy, started by Carroll Shelby, that has its roots in SCCA competition."

SCCA's Touring classes are designed to allow SCCA members to compete in commonly available late model vehicles. SCCA rules require these vehicles to be kept as close to street legal as possible with minimal modifications to maintain a level of competitiveness and safety.

Competition in the T2 class is very diverse and ranges from high powered rear-drive platforms like the Mustang GT or Pontiac GTO to all-wheel drive vehicles like the Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer EVO. "The Ford Racing packs, available on Mustangs, provides for a more competitive field and fits well with the intent and spirit of the T2 class," said Jeremy Thoennes, SCCA Technical Services Manager .

In addition to Ford Racing Performance Parts Power Upgrade Pack (M-2006-FR1) and Handling Pack (M-2005-FR3), SCCA has homologated the optional 3.73:1 gear ratio (M-4209-N373) and 4-piston front brake kit (M-2300-S) from the Shelby GT500. Other FRPP parts legal for competition include 18"x9.5" wheels (M-1007-S1895B), exhaust x-pipe (M-5251-R), performance radiator (M-8005-S197), and brake duct kit (M-2004-A).

Ford Racing will offer contingency in T2 for any Mustang finishing 1 st or 2nd. Mustang racers are required to register online at prior to the race to be eligible for the contingency program.

The recent success of the Ford Racing Mustang FR500C program in Grand Am Cup competition was instrumental in prompting Ford Racing's involvement in SCCA. "SCCA T2 is the perfect venue for Mustang enthusiasts to enjoy their car in club racing competition. The Mustang is an amazingly capable platform and we want to see Mustang and our customers win at all levels of motorsports," said Allison.

For more information on the Shelby GT's T2 classification or current SCCA Mustang classification please, and for information on Ford Racing Performance Parts please visit,

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