VW's hybrids, German cars and CO2 emissions, and follow-up on the new Fox

As we mentioned over the weekend, VW is gearing up for a Smart ForTwo killer. Today, Just-Auto (subs req'd) follows up on that story and some related issues.
First, the update: the new Fox-successor will be a "particularly economical small car" that consumes three liters of fuel per 100 kilometres driven and should be ready within the next 30 months.

Also, Just-Auto is saying that VW will be making hybrid versions of the Polo and Golf models, per the instructions of VW CEO Martin Winterkorn after last week's EU CO2 emissions-limiting proposal. This hybrid move is the opposite of what was in the news last week. Sounds like we'll just have to stay tuned.

These green moves by VW fit with German chancellor Angela Merkel's call for Germany's auto industry to lead development of fuel-efficient cars. In her weekly radio broadcast, Merkel said, "We must push technological development above all things and use all the creativity of our developers and engineers."

A CO2 labeling system for new cars might come about from Transport minister Wolfgang Tiefensee's push. The Germany tabloid Bild am Sonntag published a study that found 64 percent of Germans would pay more for less-polluting cars (21 percent said they would not).

[Source: Just-Auto (subs req'd)]

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