Peugeot preps peppy 207 RC for Geneva

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Peugeot will drop its latest hot hatch on us at Geneva next month with the debut of the 207 RC. After bringing you the skinny on the peppy little hatchback last month with early leaked photos, parent company PSA has been nice enough to give us the full monty ahead of the show, where they'll be releasing a number of new models.

The heart of the 207 RC is the same engine as the top-of-the-line MINI Cooper S, a 1.6-liter high-pressure turbo four pumping out 175 stallions. The engine was co-developed by PSA and BMW, and although the MINI's is coupled to a six-speed shifter, Peugeot has opted for five ratios instead. The corporate spec sheet claims the new Pug makes the run to 62 mph in 7.1 seconds and tops out of 136 mph.

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Peugeot eschews drama with the car's styling; the RC version looks pretty much the same as the regular 207 3-door. The only tell-tale signs this is the RC are the 17-inch alloys shod in low-profile Bridgestone Potenzas, a rear spoiler, chrome wing mirror housings and twin chrome-tipped exhaust pipes. The automaker's also making the 207 RC available in an exclusive Shark Grey. The interior is treated to a set of racing buckets, but otherwise everything's pretty much a carryover.

The 207 RC is stepping onto the field with some pretty tough competition. It's too soon to tell how it'll stack up, but for whoever gets to sort that out, we bet it'll be a load of fun.

207 RC – Performance par excellence


The 207 RC will be launched at the beginning of the spring and will write the next chapter in Peugeot's history of small performance cars, such as the 205 GTi of the 1980s and, more recently, the 206 RC. Both of these cars especially delighted enthusiasts with their pure driving enjoyment and provoked much jealousy from drivers of less sporty versions.

The 207 RC is the modern evolution of a compact vehicle with a strong sporting temperament. The sophisticated technology fitted to the car is a result of Peugeot's expertise in building this type of vehicle. It is a very multitalented car which is easy to live with on a day-to-day basis, whilst still able to provide a driving experience to satisfy the "enthusiast in everyone".

The 207 RC combines

The elegant and strong styling characteristics of the 207 3-door "Sport" model... enhanced by an improved specification with a hint of luxury. This combination creates a sporting look that enthusiasts will relish;

The strong and assertive personality of the 207... and a turbocharged petrol engine with direct petrol injection and a maximum power output of 128 kW ( 175 bhp) and a torque of 240 Nm - developed in co-operation with the BMW Group. With its high torque output, this engine offers a very high level of performance underlined by a very sporty exhaust note;

The universally praised handling qualities of the 207 range... are combined with the latest safety equipment which has been selected and developed by Peugeot using all its knowledge in this field. The result is excellent road holding and a level of active safety never before achieved in this market segment, enabling any driver to enjoy driving the 207 RC to the full;

A passenger compartment which is welcoming, ergonomically designed and fully equipped for motoring enthusiasts. Its sporty character can be enjoyed on a daily basis, but for a taste of competitive driving, just fit a safety harness etc... and head for the nearest racing circuit ....

While the raison d'être of the 207 RC is to appeal to individuals who are passionate about driving, the car's standard specification will be left to the discretion of the different markets. Therefore, the 207 RC can appeal to "performance purists" with a version focused mainly on the technology package and its necessary equipment.

207 RC

Genuine performance car looks

The 207 RC has the same length of 4.037 m as the 207 Sport hatchback, the same dynamic 3-door body shape with its expressive look at the front, combined with a wider front and rear track and wheel arches inspired by the 206 WRC and the world of motor sport.

Its styling is based on strong but subtly recognisable traits – performance-enhancing features and exclusive finishing touches – all symbols of its personality.

Ready to put to the test, the Bridgestone Potenza 205/45R17W tyres mounted on new 17" nine-spoke "Pitlane" wheels, a rear spoiler to optimise aerodynamic efficiency at high speed and a trapezoid twin chrome exhaust, all confirm the 207 RC's sporty character.

Its efficient design and look confirm its purpose, thanks to the dark "black chrome" masking of the feline shaped headlamps.

The choice of exterior colours for the 207 RC captures the performance car feel perfectly with existing colours including: Bianca White, Flamenco Red, Obsidien Black, Metallic Grey, Aegean Blue and a new pearlescent anthracite colour - Shark Grey - which particularly reflects the car's temperament.

This new colour is reserved for the RC only, as is the dark tinted rear windscreen and rear windows, the bright finish of the door B-post trims and the hi-tech satin chrome door mirror covers.

The heart of an "athlete" ... power on demand

The 1.6 litre THP (Turbo High Pressure) engine produces a maximum power of 128 kW (175 bhp) and a torque of 240 Nm from only 1600 rpm. The torque output of the engine remains unchanged all the way up to 4500 rpm but can be increased to 260 Nm temporarily, thanks to the "over-boost" function. It is fitted with a 5-speed manual gearbox with specific gear ratios.

This engine is characterised by its high power output and maximum torque produced at very low engine speeds, offering exceptional acceleration while maintaining constant speed fuel consumption at a reasonable level.

With the driver only in the car, performance figures are as follows:

Maximum speed: 220 km/h

1000 m standing start: 27.8 s

0 – 100 km/h: 7.1 s

In gear acceleration (5th): 7.0 s 80 – 120 km/h

While combined fuel consumption is 7.2 litres/100 km (171 g of CO2/km)

To achieve both excellent performance and low fuel consumption the engine includes a number of innovative features, such as:

Direct, high-pressure petrol injection, allowing a high power output and also low fuel consumption and low emissions. The system consists of a high-pressure injection pump supplying individual fuel injectors that inject fuel directly into the combustion chamber at a maximum pressure of 120 bar.

An "over-boost" system, enabling the torque output to be increased temporarily from 240 Nm to 260 Nm in the top three gears.

A Twin-Scroll turbocharger, which first appeared on the THP 150 bhp engine, which combines the exhaust gases flowing from two individual cylinders in the exhaust manifold before they enter the turbocharger compressor. The combined flow of the exhaust gasses is directed through "Scrolls" in the turbocharger turbine housing increasing the force applied to "rotate" the turbine. The direct result is a reduction in the turbocharger response time (turbo lag). The turbocharger compressor of this new and extremely efficient engine is made of steel due to the high operating temperatures.

Continuously variable timing of the inlet camshaft (Variable Valve Timing (VVT)) and the use of roller cam followers, help to reduce internal friction and increase power and torque while also reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

The controlled output oil pump supplies only the exact volume of oil required by the engine and eliminates unnecessary engine power consumption and the detrimental effect on fuel consumption.

Trained muscles

The excellent road holding of the 207 RC is a result of the strong structural design of the 207 and its proven suspension setup, developed to enhance both safety and driving pleasure.

Strengthened McPherson type front struts and front ball joints, a stiffer rear torsion beam, changes to the stiffness of the front and rear springs and damper settings, electric power steering calibrated according to the new performance levels, and larger ventilated front disc brakes (302 x 26 mm), distinguish the 207 RC from the rest of the range. A car with performance in its genes, the 207 RC is equipped as standard with the latest-generation ESP system which can be switched off fully, thereby disconnecting the traction control, yaw control and emergency braking assistance functions. This will, therefore, allow more demanding and experienced drivers to appreciate the exceptional handling of the 207 RC, particularly on a racing circuit.

A new innovation: the SSP function (Steering Stability Program)

This function manages the dialogue between the ESP system functions and the vehicle's electric power steering when braking on surfaces that have different grip levels for the right-hand and left-hand wheels.

The system applies more braking power to the wheels with good grip and, anticipating any vehicle instability, applies torque to the steering to help the driver achieve optimal directional control. Unlike an ABS system which limits braking of the wheels with good grip to give priority to vehicle control, this system reduces braking distances by around 4 % while still guaranteeing vehicle stability in a straight line.

A passenger compartment for enthusiasts passionate about motor sport... and others

A sporty interior...

Firmly anchored in the world of motor sport, the passenger compartment of the 207 RC accommodates each of its four potential occupants in "bucket" style seats that provide excellent support. The sculpted and ergonomically designed front seats have been based on those used in motor sport and trimmed in dark "alcantara" with a matching 3D mesh. Their visual appeal is enhanced by visible light-coloured stitching which matches that of the passenger compartment "alcantara" trimmed door panels, carpets, and the gear lever gaiter.

The very stylish "furnishings" of the 207 RC interior are combined with:

An instrument panel which is similar to that usually found on a motor bike, with its circular chrome-trimmed dials, checked graphics, rounded typography and red needles.

The smooth, perforated, leather steering wheel has moulded thumb grips and is further enhanced by a ring with an "Indy" decoration – an exclusive, soft-to-the-touch material is used on the air vent controls and centre console of the 207 RC. Aluminium pedals with non-slip pads finish of the driver's footwell area.

... To be enjoyed in complete safety...

The 207 RC benefits from the 207's strong and protective structure that incorporates a number of innovative solutions to protect the occupants in the event of a front impact, such as the double impact absorption bars and the door retention pins for side impact. Combined with six air bags and two Isofix child safety seat mountings at the rear, the 207 was awarded five stars in the EuroNCAP test for adult occupants, four stars for child occupant protection and three stars in the test to assess the protection offered to pedestrians involved in a collision with the vehicle.

... not forgetting equipment for comfort and convenience...

Occupants of the 207 RC will appreciate the automatic dual-zone air conditioning and comfort equipment (standard or optional according to destination) such as the MP3 compatible CD / radio, the JBL Hi-fi system, or the Peugeot RT3 telematics system with RDS radio, GPS satellite navigation and GSM telephone with 7'' 16/9 colour display. In addition, drivers of the 207 RC will also benefit from a number of driving aids and safety systems, including as standard.

A rear parking aid, elliptical headlamps incorporating static directional lighting, a speed limiter coupled with a cruise control, headlamps which automatically switch on or automatic windscreen wipers with a rain sensor, tyre under-inflation sensors, folding electric door mirrors and an electro-chrome interior rear-view mirror ...

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