If you've ever driven on Michigan roads you know that they are just about the worst in the United States. Crossing the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit to Windsor is like night and day when comparing the condition of the pavement. Unfortunately, the Michigan economy has been hit so hard by job losses and negative real income growth in the past few years that, when combined with tax cuts, the state has been unable to fund improvements. A new campaign called Drive MI spearheaded by local and county officials is working to build support for an increase in state gas taxes. Currently, the state gas tax is 19 cents a gallon and hasn't increased since 1997, in spite of increases in the cost of road construction, due to rising oil prices and general inflation.

Drive MI is taking a grassroots approach to building support for gradual increase from 19 to 28 cents a gallon over three years. Gas taxes in Michigan are significantly lower than surrounding states. Increasing the gas tax would also have a side benefit, in that it would encourage the use of more fuel efficient vehicles.

[Source: Ann Arbor News]

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