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Chicago Auto Show: Toyota press kit quality slipping?

When car-makers introduce new vehicles at auto shows they hand out press kits to all the media afterwards that contain all the relevant information. One of the more useful things that are generally included in the kits are CDs with all the studio photos, press release and assorted other information. For those of us here at Autoblog, immediately after an intro, we head back to the media center, pop in the CD to upload the photos and start writing our stories.

Recently, Toyota has been getting some bad press, over the increasing number of vehicle recalls its had and problems with engine oil sludge. It seems Toyota's quality problems are now trickling down to its press kits. After the Toyota conference to introduce the 2008 Highlander at the Chicago Auto Show this week, I opened the press kit to find that the CD was missing. This meant I had to run back down to the Grand Ballroom to get another kit, with a CD, so that we could upload all the lovely photos that you guys seem to enjoy so much in our galleries. Life can be so tough when you're an Autoblogger.

[Source: Autoblog]

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