The 2007 Chicago Auto Show was our first opportunity to show off the wonder that is Chris Shunk and his video editing talents. We've always wanted to video, but thought we'd never find someone who could edit footage at the speed of blogging. Somehow, some way, we found such a person in Chris. Let us tell you, it's very humbling to have the guy editing video next to you finish before you're done uploading a gallery of pics. Upon his return home from Chicago, Chris whipped up this fantastic wrapup video of highlights from the 2007 Chicago Auto Show. After the jump you'll find each video Chris edited on the fly at the show, including unveilings of the Pontiac G8, Saturn Astra, and the Scion xB and xD, among others. Enjoy them, as we plan to put Chris' services to good use as often as possible.

[Video: Chris Shunk]

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