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DaimlerChrysler says fuel cells in Singapore by 2012

Want a fuel cell car in Singapore? You've got five years to wait, according to DaimlerChrysler. DC is in the second phase of its F-Cell Global Programme Partnership.

Christian Mohrdieck, Director, DaimlerChrysler, told Channel AsiaNews that the key is costs: "If the cost level can be driven down to the cost level we have today for internal combustion cars, and if hydrogen cars are available like gasoline and diesel fuels are available today, the customers will be happy to drive fuel cell cars, because the driving behaviour already today in some respects is much better because electricity is very comfortable and gives you very good acceleration."

DC's Global Programme Partnership will test four cars in Singapore. The National Environment Agency, oil giant BP Singapore and German airline Lufthansa are also involved in the Partnership.

Another test for fuel cells in Singapore: the tropical environment (And, although the article doesn't mention it, I haven't heard about some robust hydrogen economy in Singapore, so there's that).

[Source: Loh Kim Chin / Channel NewsAsia]

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