Will Al Melling and Nikolai Smolenski start bidding war for TVR?

TVR SagarisYou may have noticed our post Wednesday about TVR's owner Nikolai Smolenski losing his trademark rights and certain tooling. Yesterday, it was revealed that the entire company is, in fact, for sale. Expected bidders include Al Melling and possibly even Nikolai Smolenski rebidding.

Al Melling recently revealed his Melling Hellcat (could it be released as a TVR?), powered by a 1200 bhp, quad-turbo V10 engine, and has designed TVR V8 and in-line six-cylinder engines. He said, "I'd need the old workforce... it would take between six and 12 months to get the place back in full production, but I'd never expect to make more than 10-15 cars a week, two-thirds of which would be sold in the US." He also said the Sagaris and Griffith would be the two models they'd concentrate on.

[Source: Autocar]

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