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Why didn't we think of that? Visor-mounted DVD player

That Hansel, he's so hot right now. And, so is video in your car. We see video screens in dashes, popping out of dashes, in the backs of headrests and in center consoles. But, what about the lowly visor? The visor needs some love, too. And, now it gets it. The Sun Visor TV/DVD Theater, for sale at Gadget Universe for $300, plays DVD's, TV and plain-old FM radio while dutifully blocking the sun from your passengers eyes. Nothing is mentioned about navigation. There is, however, a USB port for your computer and an SD car slot for everything else.
Of course, don't install one on the drivers side. And be sure to wire it up so that it only works in park; you wouldn't want to break the law now, would you?

[Source: The Red Ferret Journal]

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