Pacific Gas and Electric Company sets up natural gas trucks at the Port of Oakland

Pacific Gas and Electric Company saw an opportunity to run more trucks at the Port of Oakland on natural gas and took it. PG&E announced this week a new natural gas fueling station and a "clean truck partnership" between the utility and port.
PG&E has over 1,100 natural gas vehicles in its fleet and is helping Port officials use and understand liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks. There are ten in operation right now, and another partner in the operation, CleanAir Transport, said it intends to purchase (or convert) up to 70 more LNG trucks to serve the port. In a demonstration project, PG&E loaned CleanAir Transport a compressed natural gas (CNG) truck and an LNG mobile fueling station to fuel the other LNG trucks.

PG&E yards in Sacramento and Fremont might also soon see LNG utility trucks.

[Source: Pacific Gas and Electric Company]

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