Today is the first day of the Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo - a few updates

Mike Hugh from Fuel Cell Today is at the Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo today. As you are all aware, there are many roadblocks holding back the "hydrogen economy". Besides getting the vehicles themselves to run on hydrogen, the hydrogen delivery infrastructure is a huge hurdle, according to Dr. Haruki Tsuchiya, President of the Research Institute for Systems Technology in Japan. He believes that as petroleum runs out, the first replacement would be gasoline/electric hybrids, which are already flooding the marketplace. The next step seems a little more far-fetched, which he claims will be "solar assisted vehicles", where the electricity needed to generate the hydrogen for the fuel cell will be via solar cells on the roof.

The Vice President of the Institute of Information Technology in Japan, Hideo Takeshita, then went on to predict that fuel cells will someday duke it out with lithium-ion batteries as the dominant source of electricity production for electric cars. There is more information available at this link, if you would like to read about it.

[Source: Mike Hugh / Fuel Cell Today]

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