Spy Shots: Lotus Esprit

It's been far too long since we've heard anything about Lotus' supercar, the Esprit. Finally, some spy shots have surfaced, showing the mid-engined mule having a few bolts tightened while up on the rack.
The images don't give much away as far as the Esprit's styling, with some heavy body cladding, that appears to have been painted on by a seven year old armed with a Wite-Out® pen.

However, Winding Road, who had some contact with the publisher of the photos, AutoGespot, learned that the engine will assuredly be a V8, sourced from BMW and displacing between 4.4- and 4.8-liters.

If the plan is to launch the Esprit by 2010, they look like they're well on their way. Just enough time for you to start scrounging for the $125,000 cost of entry.

[Sources: AutoGespot, AutoScoops, Winding Road]

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