Specifications are announced on the Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation

Peter M. DeLorenzo, the President and CEO of the Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation, has announced new details for teams that would like to get started with their preparations for the upcoming first race in in May 2009 with the "Hydrogen 500". We brought you the original story a while back. The specifications are designed to make the cost to enter the competition manageable, promote ingenuity and creativity, according to DeLorenzo.
Key specifications:
  • 900 kg (minimum) closed-wheel machines
  • Allowed aerodynamic devices which are non-movable do not touch the track
  • Power: 300kw/400 hp (minimum)
  • Any battery type
  • 8 kg of on-Board Hydrogen compressed at 10,000 psi
  • One tire size for oval tracks, another for road tracks
  • Renewable fuel from one manufacturer
The machines are expected to reach 185 mph at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I am not entirely sure what they are referring to when they mention fuel, unless they are speaking of how to generate the hydrogen. These rules are very open for an organized racing series. Should be interesting to keep an eye on it!

[Source: Earthtimes]

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