We can't all make $39.4 billion: Chevron earns only $3.77 billion last quarter

The nation's No. 2 oil producer Chevron had a "disappointing" 4th quarter, earning only $3.77 billion dollars in the closing months of 2006. You may be thinking that $3.77 billion can't be all that bad, but No. 1 oil producer ExxonMobil ended the same quarter with $10.25 billion in profits, nearly tripling its closest rival. Chevron's profit drop of 9% was expected by analysts after total revenue fell from $47.75 billion to $53.79 billion during the same period in 2005. In fact, Chevron actually beat analysts expectations by a penny per share, so the quarter wasn't that bad, it just looks that way in comparison to the record profits of ExxonMobil.

[Source: Reuters]

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