Germany's open speed limits upheld

The days of unrestricted speeds on portions of Germany's autobahn may be numbered, but they will continue for at least the immediate future, thanks to their plucky Chancellor. The lucky souls who have a valid passport, a current license, a capable car and the will to challenge themselves will be able to do so without legal entanglements a bit longer.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel just added her support to legal measures that will help keep the country's autobahnen free of speed limits, Greenies be damned! OK, she didn't go that far, but Merkel's support was unflagging even against European Union criticism that Germany could do a little lot more in the fight against harmful automotive emissions. The unrestricted autobahn has been seen as a poster child for what's wrong with the automotive world by some environmentalists.

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[Source: Inside Line]

EU environmental commissioner, Stavros Dimas, had sought German support over the weekend, but Merkel rebuffed him. Dimas wanted Germany to lead the charge toward a green future, after last week's publication of climate change findings by the UN cited Germany as a prime example of a country that "isn't doing enough to reduce emissions." While explaining that German policy already supports environmental movements, she reinforced the German automakers' claims that unrestricted speed testing is what assures the high level of engineering that makes them the best in the world at speed. "If we no longer had to engineer our cars to satisfy their potential top speed, there would suddenly be a fundamental change in the way we go about our business," a high-ranking BMW insider told Inside Line.

It seems to be only a matter of time, however, before EU pressure eventually gets the better of the Germany, so we support IL's call to get yourself to Germany before it's too late. Some of the lucky AB staffers headed to Geneva might just get a chance to experience the thrill for themselves.

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