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Scuderi engine featured at the San Diego Hybrid Symposium Feb. 7 & 8

We brought you news of the Scuderi engine quite some time ago, but not much has been heard since. It seems as if that may change starting this week, as the engine and its designer, Nick Scuderi, will be at the Hybrid Symposium in San Diego this week on the 7th and 8th. While you are enjoying our coverage of the Chicago Auto Show this week, if you happen to live in San Diego, you can get some first-hand impressions of the new engine technology at the Holiday Inn on the Bay, 1355 N. Harbor Drive in San Diego.
The engine, in addition to the standard functions of any internal-combustion engine, also recaptures and stores energy in the form of compressed air. Read more about it here and here.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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