Volvo Trucks sold 105,000 clean trucks in 2006, an all-time high

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We've had a few manini (Hawaiian pidgin for small-time) stories on Volvo trucks in Europe and how they're cleaner and more fuel efficient than ever before. Companies like them (reduced fuel costs) and now we learn that Volvo likes them a lot, too, because 105,000 sales of these trucks helped propel Volvo Trucks' sales of to an all-time high in 2006, two percent higher than 2005.

Some of the sales weren't only to people who wanted cleaner engines. Volvo admits that U.S. sales were up in 2006 thanks to new exhaust regulations that went into effect on January 1, and people wanted to buy trucks with "existing technology."

Luckily, Volvo's existing technology is quite clean and green. Volvo's FH and FM trucks meet Euro 5 emissions standards (which don't kick in until 2009) and the North American market now gets the more aerodynamic VN and VT.

A news item like this gives us the perfect opportunity to take a quick look back at related stories, the bricks that built the road to get Volvo to their recent announcement. Maybe they weren't so manini after all. Here ya go:
[Source: Volvo]

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