It's the Colts, the Bears and Segways in Super Bowl action this weekend

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A lot of people know who will be playing in the American National Football League's Super Bowl XLI this Sunday. Most of them even probably have a team they'd like to win it (da Bears). We also know that ad time during the TV broadcast is outrageously expensive. And we know the place where and time when the game will be held. So, what else is there? How about the vehicle of choice for the Miami Police Department during the event? It's the all-electric Segway.

The MPD will use lithium-battery powered Segway Personal Transporters (three i2 and three x2 models) to patrol the areas around Dolphin Stadium. This is on top of the six PTs the MPD recently bought for everyday use. The i2 models can go 24 miles on a charge and are designed for purely paved areas. The x2 is a little more off-road (going over dirt, gravel or sand), and gets 12 miles on a full charge.

If you're going to be in Miami for the game, try the bus to get around without paying for parking. If you're a regular Miami bus rider, certain routes have been changed thanks to the NFL invasion, so call or check the website before heading out.

Late Update: Just found out that the Super Bowl and the NFL Experience Football Theme Park will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy this year. Cool

[Source: Miami-Dade government, Segway]

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