Spy Shots: 2008 BMW 7-Series

The current BMW 7-series is undoubtedly one of the most polarizing designs out there. Its stubby shape and bustle trunk are in sharp contrast to the low-beltline, classically proportioned 7-series that preceeded it. The intrepid shutter-snappers at Priddy & Co. have caught a 2008 7-series prototype near the Arctic Circle. The car is heavily camouflaged, but it appears that the front end will be coming more in line with the brand's other cars. Banishing the fugly from the 7 is always welcome, and it looks like that means a lower, sleeker nose. We can't really tell what's up with the rear, but there's some weirdness at the base of the C-pillar and into the trunk. We're dreaming that it's camouflage pieces intended to throw us off, and that the rear of the car no longer looks like an afterthought.
We hope the 2008 7-Series brings some more flair to the table. Looking like the big brother of the 3-series coupe would be a good thing. You have to give BMW credit for trying; and really, what else could have followed the E38? Many are certainly displeased with the E65/66's look, but its predecessor was such a perfect, classic big euro-sedan shape, there wasn't anywhere else to go with that type of style. It could be argued they went a little too far avant-garde, but just like Picasso, some will get it, some will not. There's nothing inherently wrong with paying boatloads of money in return for lots of ugly, right?

[Source: TCC]

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