TLC working on off-road worthy EV based on its FJ40-inspired ICON

Forget the Tesla and going 0-60 faster than a Porsche. I always thought an electric vehicle would absolutely rule as a rock crawler. With plenty of torque that could be precisely controlled from 1rpm up, a stout 4x4 EV could conquer previously untamed trails. TLC, the Southern California based company that builds a beautiful FJ40-inspired vehicle called the ICON is thinking along the same lines. TLC recently announced on its website that a full-electric ICON prototype is being built with the help of 3rd Millennium Energy and Dynatrac. There's no word on an introduction date, type of motor or batteries or an estimated cost. The current ICON starts at $88,000. Plans also call for a bio-diesel generator option to recharge the off-roading EV while in the middle of the Rubicon trail. I can't wait!

[Source: TLC ICON via Inside Line]

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