The best sellers of 2006

We love this list. It comes around once a year (check out the numbers from 2005 for comparison's sake) and offers the raw numbers that simply show what sold well in the U.S. that year. It's a list that seems to change little from year to year, but at the same time always surprises. Take last year's list, for example, which has been compiled by MSN Autos. As usual, the top two spots are occupied by the Ford F-Series (796,039) and Chevy Silverado (636,069). Those two powerhouse platforms, however, were far off the numbers they put up in 2005, and this year the race will be extremely tight with a brand new Silverado facing off against a seasoned F-150. The Toyota Camry is once again the best-selling car in the U.S. and managed to sell about 15,000 more units in 2006 than year prior, which gives a bit of credibility to the claim that cars are back. As usual, the Honda Accord (354,441) and Civic (316,638) occupy the middle ground, while the Nissan Altima (232,457) falls from 7th to 9th. It will likely hold there in 2007 or gain back lost ground if the new Altima finds favor with the public. Though Chevy always seems to have at least a couple models in the top ten, it still amazes us the brand moved that many Impalas (289,868) and Cobalts (211,449) in 2006. We expect to see the Malibu back on this list come 2008 after the new model has had its first full year of sales.

1. Ford F-Series 796,039
2. Chevrolet Silverado 636,069
3. Toyota Camry 448,445
4. Dodge Ram 364,177
5. Honda Accord 354,441
6. Honda Civic 316,638
7. Chevrolet Impala 289,868
8. Toyota Corolla 272,327
9. Nissan Altima 232,457
10. Chevrolet Cobalt 211,449

[Source: MSN Autos via KickingTires]

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