Subaru celebrates Forester 10th birthday with JDM Anniversary model

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Subaru is known for high quality, all-wheel drive vehicles that offer a lot of what a Volvo would get you, but for a lot less money. The Subaru Forester offers SUV utility and capability with station wagon looks and gas mileage. The 10-year anniversary of the Forester is being marked with a special JDM edition that carries a 2.0L engine and a special white paint job. This celebration of the Forester is about as daring as the vehicle's styling -- very understated. While the 2.0L engine isn't available here in the US, we do finally get more JDM-looking Foresters in the new Sports 2.5 X and Sports 2.5 XT. As for the unavailable 2.0, well, we'll just have to settle for more displacement, better power, and no need trying to remember another anniversary.

[Source: Subaru via Winding Road]

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