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DAMD Again! More American emulation with DAMD Daihatsu Move Custom

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The Nippon obsessed at Winding Road have unearthed another gem from DAMD that was present at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon. This time the base vehicle is a Daihatsu Move and Move Custom, which was redesigned just last October. This time, instead of injecting Cadillac into the little kei car, DAMD chose to instead graft the grille of a Chrysler 300 onto the nose of the Move and Move Custom. Rather than use the standard grille slats, DAMD went with a chrome mesh similar to the kind used for aftermarket grille inserts in the U.S. Like the DAMD mini Escalade we showed you yesterday, the DAMD Concept B Mono, as this car is called, also features a few other minor exterior add-ons along with new leather trimming on the interior.

[Source: DAMD via Winding Road]
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