Ford's Mulally Fighting the Good Fight against Corporate Culture

When Bill Ford Jr. stepped down in September, a lot of people were surprised. When he went outside the automotive industry all-together to find his replacement, a lot of insiders were stunned. Now, however, things are starting to make more sense. Word has been leaking out about the depths of corporate cancer that had spread throughout the Blue Oval. In-fighting, cronyism, and back-stabbing stifled programs and new ideas while breeding an atmosphere of failure. Promoting any individual within Ford would have kept the culture intact. An executive from another automaker could bring his or her own baggage to the table.

Alan Mulally, who shined brightly at Boeing during tough times, was brought in to destroy the culture at Ford. Weekly meetings where executives must be accountable for their team's performance have been taking place since the very beginnings of the Mulally regime. Talks with the UAW about contract negations started in JANUARY – months before they ever have before. The company's downsizing is also moving at a torrid pace, with 27,000 employees leaving by the end of 2008. While ground-breaking products take time, for the near-term Mulally is doing everything he can to put a positive spin on everything Ford Motor Company does. In the end, product will always tell the tale of a CEO's success and failure. We need to see more outstanding Ford product and we're sure you do too.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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