Carless in L.A.'s Katie Rogers now car-full in L.A.

Well, Katie Rogers' 80 days are up. We spoke with Rogers, who lived for almost three months without a car in L.A., a town where people often say you need a car to survive, at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo in December. With the end of the 80 day-affair, Rogers says her lifestyle has quickly changed back to being car-dependent, but she's still going to try to use the public transportation/bike method to get to work once a week.
While there must be thousands of people living without a car in L.A., Rogers was at the Expo and writes about her adventures in her blog (and soon for worldchanging) because she and her friends were filming the 80 days to craft a feature-length documentary. Unfortunately, the crew has not yet uploaded any video clips to the Carless in L.A. MySpace page, although Rogers promises a "real website" is on the way. We're waiting.

[Source: Katie Rogers]

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