AAA Shows How Not to Drive Your Car

We've all done dumb things in the car before. Eating, talking on the phone, looking at a map, or even reaching for a dropped CD while driving a car will increase your chances of getting into an accident. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute teamed up with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety to study driver behaviors and determine what we're doing behind the wheel. To capture driver behavior, 240 drivers in and around the Washington DC area drove 100 specially equipped vehicles that contained five cameras that captured the driver's every move. You'd think with big brother you would be a little more aware of what was going on around you. Amazingly, the cameras captured 82 accidents and 761 near-crashes.

At the conclusion of the test, AAA narrowed down the biggest risks as driving while drowsy, speeding, aggressive driving, and taking your eyes off the road for more than two seconds. Speeding and driving drowsy TRIPLED the chances of a resulting accident, and distracted driving and aggressive driving doubled the chance of a crash. AAA's message is clear: if you're late for a meeting, tired, and your tie needs adjusting, catch a cab. You're an accident waiting to happen.

[Source: Business Week]

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