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Ukrainian VEPR sprinkles Hummers on its Cheerios

Are your shortcomings more than a Hummer H1 or a Ford Expedition can overcome? There just might be a cure. Information on the Ukrainian-made VEPR Commander is scarce, but here's what we could find out through Google translations. The massive vehicle is 16.4 feet long, 6.5 feet tall, and weighs over 3 tons. One site claims it can carry 15 passengers, while another says 21 passengers. That probably means 15 adults or 21 pint-sized little league players. Judging by its badging, the beast is probably motivated by a 4.0 liter turbodiesel, but then, you can't judge a car's performance by its cover any more. Price? Well, again, there's some disparity. One figure we found was as low as $20,000 another said $70,000, though what currency wasn't specified.

It would appear the designers took styling cues mostly from the A-Team van, but with modern updates from the PT Cruiser, the Buick Lucerne, various Japanese full-sized SUVs and Brak.

If you can stand it, there are more photos after the jump. Notice how the VEPR dwarfs the Jeep Cherokee.


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