Woman trades in 1935 Daimler Lanchester for new Daihatsu Sirion

This isn't one of those " dealer takes innocent widow for all she has" stories. Nor another " Seattle dealer steals disabled man's cash and cars" post. Today's post is only slightly unsettling. This is a tale of a British Daihatsu dealer that helped a little old lady find a more practical and reliable vehicle for her motoring needs. Mrs. Margaret Hackett from Fenay Bridge, Nr Huddersfield, went with a friend to Cross Keys Garage, Morley, in Leeds to try to find a vehicle that would meet her current needs. Garage owner Anthony Dawson convinced her that a new Daihatsu Sirion 1.0 SE was the car for her.

Mrs. Hackett agreed and so Mr. Dawson arranged to deliver her new car and pick up her trades. Along with her 1999 Rover 400, a tow truck was dispatched to collect her late husband's project car - a 1935 Daimler Lanchester. Dramatic pause. A Daimler for a Daihatsu. In all fairness we don't have the details about the financial aspects of the transaction, but we do know that the Daimler wasn't in running order. It was a project that went unfinished when Mr. Hackett passed away. The engine in the Daimler had seized from sitting for 11 years, but after a new battery was fitted and a quick tune-up was completed, the hand crank managed to turn it over and it runs well now. Doesn't seem fair to us, but then again, we haven't been able to sample a new Daihatsu for years.

[Source: Daihatsu]

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