Great Scott! Flux Capacitor and Hover Conversion for sale on DeLorean website

The DeLorean Motor Company owes a lot to the Back to the Future franchise for its reverred place in pop culture history. While the original DeLorean Motor Company has ceased to exist, a different DeLorean Motor Company is now operating that does everything for the DMC-12, including full restores and offering original factory replacement parts. The new DMC also has a sense of humor, as the community learned last night.
Someone noticed that if you typed "flux" into DMC's online store search, the results would come up with a Flux Capacitor (part #18851985 - nice) for $5,995. This led to other Digg members trying out different searches, and it wasn't long before a Hover Conversion was also found (part #19852015) for $12,995. Needless to say, the Digg community went crazy, voted the submission to up over 3,000 diggs, and inundated DMC's website traffic. Some people actually went so far as to the order the fictitious parts, which required them to enter their credit card numbers, and in turn they received an actual order confirmation.

Last night around 11PM EST, however, DMC decided it had had enough fun and took the items out of its inventory. Thankfully, they're good sports and reinserted the items today, this time without prices. So, if you've got a DeLorean, you can now get your flux capacitor and hover conversion, too. Then all you'll need is 1.21 gigawatts!

[Source: Digg]

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