Jack Roush declares war on Toyota in NASCAR

It's not a secret that Jack Roush thinks you should be buying American cars. Likewise, he's not a fan of NASCAR's decision to allow Toyota to race in the Nextel Cup series this season. The motorsports legend and tuner of all things Ford has recently gone on record with some fiery wartime rhetoric saying, "I expect to hand Toyota their head over the short term." He went on to say, "Toyota will not find that the established teams and manufacturers will wither in their path, as has been the case where they have tried to engage elsewhere." Them sounds like fightin' words!
The general concern is that Toyota will shore up its three teams with a bankroll that can't be matched by other manufacturers and teams participating in the series. However, as has been pointed out in the past, Toyota is believed to have the biggest budget in F1, yet you don't hear its name on the podium very often with Renault and Ferrari. For Roush's part, he's gone to great lengths to secure additional funding for his NASCAR team, even from Ford which is obviously strapped for cash.

Roush makes a good point, however, that NASCAR's strict limitations on technology means that Toyota's money won't allow it to buy better cars or technology. The real investment in NASCAR is with people and having the bucks to hire the best. But Toyota also knows success in NASCAR is not all about winning, it's about how many billboards, commercials and sponsorships you can slap your logo on. There's little doubt in our minds that Toyota will be successful in that arena.

[Source: Associated Press via Winding Road]

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