A couple of weeks back during the North American International Auto Show GM vice-chairman Bob Lutz Spent fifteen minutes talking to a group of bloggers - including me - following the unveiling of the Chevy Volt concept. I already posted the full transcript of the conversation, here on ABG the day after the chat. GM has now put up a video of the highlights of the discussion on the GM Fastlane blog site, but it's been edited down to about 5 minutes. The environment on the show floor was pretty noisy with people running around and the People Mover going by every few minutes. the People Mover is a monorail that loops around downtown Detroit, and cuts right through Cobo Hall. Oddly enough I wasn't even aware that GM was videotaping the event. If you haven't read the whole interview, it's worth checking out, because they cut some interesting comments from Lutz and the other bloggers, including Lutz's bi-polar joke which drew some comments on the original post.

BTW, thanks to AutoBlog Editor John Neff for the inspiration for the Viper-Vette horsepower war question. You can watch the video above or on the GM Blog at the Read link.

[Source: GM Fastlane Blog]

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