Extra credit: 2007 AV Design Forte concept

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We love finding concepts on the internet that were born of the unbridaled imagination of design students. They're always unencumbered by the practical considerations with which OEM designers are forced to deal with on a daily basis. The 2007 AV Design Forte is one such concept and comes to us from Andrew Varnish, a third-year Conventry Transport Design student. The Forte is a front-engine, rear-wheel drive coupe powered by a bio-fuel V8 feeding motion through a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic. The body is all carbon-fiber except for the hinged hood cast in aluminum that can open from either side of the car. The Forte's design was inspired by an arrow-head up front, while the wrap around windshield with its photo-sensitive roof takes cues from aircraft cockpits.

The massive 20-inch wheels wearing low-profile whitewalls require that the top of each front fender move with the articulation of the front suspension compenents, though at a glance they appear fused with the rest of the front end. The car also comes with built in hydraulic jacks that make changing a flat (where's the spare go?) an easy affair. Varnish also included two video cameras at the base of the nose to aid the driver in avoiding curbs that might mare the front end.

Of course, it's just a concept from a design student, so it will likely never see production. We can think of a few manufacturers, however, who could do worse than to have a car like the AV Design Forte in their lineup.

[Source: Diseno-art.com]

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