Trickle-up technology: Gallardo set to benefit from R8's advanced mechanicals

click on above image to view 27 high-resolution pics of the Gallardo, because who doesn't want to look at the Gallardo?

Many assumed Audi's announcement that it would build the R8 mid-engine sports car infuriated the fine Italian folks over at Lamborghini. Here their sister company was planning to sell an exotic premium coupe using the same underpinnings as its own Gallardo. It sounded like a great recipe for cannibalizing sales. The R8 has debuted and Lamborghini is still standing (so far), and now we find that the Brahma Bull will actually benefit from the development of Audi new coupe. Since Audi went to the trouble of developing a lot of new parts for the R8 like its entire rear suspension, those componenets will be ported over to the Gallardo when that car is refreshed sometime next year. In addition to the suspension components, which will be retuned to Lamborghini's tastes, the Gallardo's 5.0L V10 will also likely get a direct injection system similar to the one used on the R8's 4.2L V8. All told, the next Gallardo should be making around 550 horsepower.

BTW - a trip to the Lamborghini media site for this post netted a treasure's trove of gorgeoug Gallardo pics. Click below to see the 27-pic gallery, all desktop worthy.

[Source: Inside Line]

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