The Department of Energy has $17 million for battery and ethanol research

Hot on the heels of their new grants for hydrogen storage and research, the Department of Energy now announces $17 million for battery technology for plug-in hybrids and ethanol research. Yes, they are spending more on hydrogen than batteries, despite the fact that plug-ins are the near future and hydrogen has yet to show that it is the future at all. But, I digress...

The money is divided up this way: $14 million for battery tech and $3 million for ethanol. Let's hope that not all of that ethanol money funds corn ethanol. There are too many new ethanol-producing technologies to list here, just click here if you really want to see it all.

This announcement comes along with President Bush's State of the Union speech, where, among other things, he pushed for more alternative fuel research and American oil production. The official announcement was made at the Washington auto show. I'd post a link to the grant synopsis on the page, but It's not there yet.


[Source: The Washington Post]

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