Greece gears up for Hellenic Grand Prix bid

It just doesn't stop – now every country and their neighbor seems to want to host a grand prix, and lucky Bernie Ecclestone gets to decide who gets one and who doesn't. Following recent reports of Singapore, India, Abu Dhabi and Portugal all seeking to bring Formula One to their countries, the latest to join the fray is Greece, where the government has pledged its support to seeking the establishment of a Greek Grand Prix.

This past Saturday, Greek President Karolos Papoulias signed a directive opening the door for race organizers to solicit funding from the Ministry of Development. The track would be built on a site at Orchomenos on the Greek mainland 75 miles northwest of Athens, earmarked for a racing track since 1992.

Last year Turkey struck a blow to Greek national pride with the Cyprus debacle at the Turkish Grand Prix, and got away with barely a slap on the wrist while being allowed to keep its race. Aside from the obvious boost to tourism that every grand prix hopeful nation seeks, last year's escalation in the Greek-Turkish détente might have added a little extra motivation for the government to finally support the bid and help get the project off the ground.


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