Chrysler may ship entire transmission line to China

So if you order everything necessary to produce transmissions, do you get free shipping? China's Chery may find out if negotiations to buy one of Chrysler's Indiana facilities lines are successful. Autoweek is reporting that Chrysler may sell Chery one of its Kokomo, Ind. automatic transmission-producing lines and send it all to China.
Autoweek's sources say Chery would use the 4-speed in Chrysler's China-built car. Chery, in its pursuit of international exports, would gain transmission-building technology, while Chrysler would use the extra cash to develop a dual-clutch assembly line.

According to Chrysler's Web site, their Kokomo plant produces several transmissions, but only four 4-speed automatics: the 40TE (used in PT Cruisers, Chrysler minivans, and last gen Sebring), the 41TE (PT Turbo, Pacifica, and last gen Sebring), the 40TES (2008 Avenger, 2007 Sebring), and the 41TES (2008 Avenger, 2007 Sebring). Which line from the plant is up for sale isn't known exactly.

[Source: Autoweek]

Kokomo Transmission Plant
2401 South Reed Road
Kokomo, Indiana 46904

Floor Space

3.1 Million Square Feet

Total Side Area

110 Acre Site with Casting Plant

Transmissions - 62TE (FWD) - 42RLE (RWD) - 42RE (RWD) - 40TE (FWD) - 41TE (FWD) - 40TES/41TES (FWD) - 62TE


3,220 Employees

32,000 Hours (2005)

Plant History

Transmission plant completed and production began in 1956. There have been 12 expansions since then.
(Status July 2006)

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