An Inconvenient Truth nominated for Oscar, questioned in Seattle-area school district

Even though An Inconvenient Truth was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature about an hour ago, it's not good enough for Frosty Hardison, a parent of seven who believes the earth is 14,000 years old. Earlier this month, Hardison asked the Federal Way School Board (south of Seattle) to not show the film without presenting an "opposing view." And what opposing view would Hardison like to see? He told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that, "The Bible says that in the end times everything will burn up, but that perspective isn't in the DVD."

In the article, Hardison's wife Gayle makes another terrible argument for not showing the movie: "From what I've seen (of the movie) and what my husband has expressed to me, if (the movie) is going to take the approach of 'bad America, bad America,' I don't think it should be shown at all. If you're going to come in and just say America is creating the rotten ruin of the world, I don't think the video should be shown."

Okaaaay. Hide your head in the sand much?

Progressive Majority in Washington State is organizing an online petition to ask the school district to lift the ban. The school board meets later today to decide.

Laurie David, who co-produced the film and likes to make fun of Michael Crichton, said this is the first incident of its kind at a school. There have been other dustups over the film in other schools, but they weren't driven by parents (see link below).

If you still haven't seen the film, I heard you can watch it online for free...

[Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

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