With a new Mini on its way to dealerships now, is the next model an SUV?

When the new Mini was introduced by BMW a few years ago, there were quite a few that thought it should deliver better fuel economy for its size. Really, they were right, the fuel mileage was not really anything to write home about, as other cars in its class, size-wise, did better. But sales hardly seem to have been affected, as buyers flocked to the retro design in droves. My wife is quite an admirer of the little cars, as a matter of fact.
With the next Mini currently on its way to dealerships now, I was pleased to see that the new model with its new engine performed a bit better than the old when it comes to efficiency, despite the car being a bit larger. That may be going out the window, though, as I read on Motoringfile that the BMW is considering expanding the line-up with a small soft-road SUV mini, known internally as the "Colorado".

I have read through the comments on the post there, and I see that some find it a good idea to branch out, and some argue a diluting of the brand. I can't really see any brand dilution, as the Mini Moke would already have done that. What do you think?

[Source: Motoringfile]

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