UPDATE: Mercury logo plans

These are the issues that define our times. Forget the volatile price and supply of oil, an economy teetering between robust growth and rampant inflation, worldwide strife. What really matters is whether Mercury will make a change from the "waterfall" stylized M logo to something more retro. Well, our Deep Throat inside Ford has dashed any hopes of seeing the "Winged Messenger" return. Rather than get all distracted with shifting the marketing plan, Lincoln-Mercury is hard at work getting the product right. Can't say we blame them.
You could always hire a local airbrush artist to do up a hood-size mural of your favorite Mercury logo in "screaming chicken" fashion. eBay also has vintage Mercury emblems. You could find one from your favorite era and affix it right over the top of that waterfall, if you so choose. The dream was fun while it lasted; for a retro-advertising treat, click the image above. Careful, you could lose hours of productivity revelling in the over-saturated Cleaverness. Our favorite is the '66 Park Lane. What a beast! Put a pair of glasspacks on it and go rumbling around the Dairy Queen at 5 mph - we can't wait for summer.

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