Traffic study reveals the ladies are safer behind the wheel

In a report that won't be made public until next week, Traffic STATS found that women are far safer drivers than men. As a matter of fact, according to the assembled data, men have a 77% higher chance of dying in a car accident than women.

In the study complied by Traffic STATS, there are loads of statistics that disprove many perceptions that have long been treated as facts in the ongoing battle of the sexes behind the wheel. As the report proves again and again, many of these myths have been based on information gleaned from short-sighted and closed-minded acknowledgement of the hard numbers. The study states that some of the reasons women are less likely to be involved in a car accident are that men drive faster, take more risks, and drink and drive much more than women. The author of the research believes his findings so much that he now lets his wife drive whenever they are in the car together. Wives of the world will no doubt use this to their advantage for decades to come!

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Some of the notable facts from the report are:

- The death rate in the US is approximately one death for every 100 million passenger miles - An 82 year old woman is more 60% more likely to die in an accident than a 16 year-old teen
- Drivers 40-50 are the lease likely to die in an accident
- The safest passenger in a vehicle at any time, any where is an infant in a car seat in a van or school bus at 8AM in New England in February. In traffic moving at 5 MPH, even in the snow, it's difficult to be involved in a fatal accident!
- School buses have a fatality rate that is 1/50th that of a passenger car
- Motorcycle riders are 32 times as likely to be killed than drivers in a passenger car. A rider between the ages of 21 and 24 riding between midnight and 4AM is 45,000 times more likely to be killed on the bike than in a car.

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