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Montana's Democratic governor Brian Schweitzer voices support for biodiesel, wind power, liquid fuels from coal and ethanol

According to Brian Schweitzer, Democratic governor of Montana, President Bush is missing the boat on alternative fuels and energy sources here in the States. He also claims that we should not be fighting wars in the Middle East.
Some of this political views do not lend themselves to an article here on our site, but here is one that does: "We have enough energy resources and green technology in the United States to enable us to stop relying on foreign dictators to supply us with fuel. Along with a smart strategy in Iraq, our energy independence can make us stronger and safer."

The governor calls for cutting our petroleum demands by 1 billion barrels through conservation, produce another 1 billion barrels of biofuels, and 2 billion barrels from turning coal into liquid fuel.

"We can achieve energy independence in 10 years, create a whole new industry with hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs, and you'll never have to send children and grandchildren to war in the Middle East again. Mr. President, let's create hundreds of thousands of jobs in America by producing our own clean fuels -- bring our men and women home -- and stop spending money in Iraq," said Schweitzer.

Montana has increased wind power electric generation since Schweitzer became the governor of Montana. Some of his ideas on "energy dependence" may be good choices, but he missed a few, solar and wave generation among them. There are many promising technologies to be considered in the U.S. effort to become "energy independent" which could create jobs here in the States.


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