It's claimed numerous lives and Niki Lauda's ears. It snakes through 22 kilometers of German countryside. It's been updated, modernized, even replaced. But the Nordschleife course of the formidable Nürburgring circuit in Germany is still the most famous – and infamous – track in the world. F1 have abandoned it years ago for a more modern track nearby, but the old Nordschleife is still used by enthusiasts driving anything with two wheels or four, and by manufacturers who aim to put their test mules through the paces.

This 22-minute wild ride covers the track's history while blitzing through each of its loops, bends, dips and straights. Along the way we get to visit with our old friend Sabine Schmitz, Queen on the Ring, and get an inside glimpse at a few options available for visitors looking to get the most out of the experience, including driving schools and the Ring Taxi.

We owe our thanks to BMW for producing this video, the first manufacturer to begin testing its road cars on the Ring and the only one that still tests every new model there.

[Source: BMW]

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