Saab Australia pushing for E85 BioPower model

Saab's E85 BioPower is coming to the Australian market is reporting. The BioPower is one of Saab's 9-5 models which can run on both E85 (85 percent ethanol) and regular petrol. Already sold across Europe, the BioPower should further strengthen Saab's environmental commitment Down Under after announcing last week that they will be the first car manufacturer in Australia to go ' carbon neutral' by offsetting the carbon production of its new vehicles by planting trees.

No launch date has been set yet but Australian management is understood to be very keen to bring the BioPower to Australia. Saab has announced that three new diesel-powered 9-3 models will be available this month including the first diesel convertible in the country.

The BioPower boasts a reduction in life-cycle emissions of up to 80 percent when running on E85 in comparison to regular petrol. Performance actually increases when running E85 with the 2.3-litre turbo four rising from 136 kW /182 hp and 280 Nm / 206 ft-lbs to 154 kW / 206 hp and 310 Nm / 229 ft-lbs.

Despite the huge sugar cane industry in Australia, ethanol availability is currently limited at the pump meaning that a BioPower vehicle in Australia is likely to spend its life running on regular petrol.

Analysis: its great to see more petrol alternatives available in the market, even if the BioPower has been on sale in Europe for over a year. Ethanol's availability is still a limiting factor in Australia, but BioPower owners will be able to run on regular petrol between ethanol refills which should keep everyone happy.


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