Hydrogen storage breakthrough?

Researchers have published their discovery of a new class of aluminum-hydrogen complexes in the journal Science and are excited by the unique chemistry the molecules exhibit. Amongst the most important aspects of the discovery are that the new class of aluminum and hydrogen molecules (Al-H) are very stable and can potentially be created in bulk quantities. One species, Al4H6, may have applications in hydrogen storage and high energetic materials with the potential to open up a new branch of materials science.

Physorg.com reported one of the project leads, Puru Jena, Ph.D., as saying, "Developing new materials and compounds that meet some of the current technological problems in energy-related fields is always a challenge. Our collaborative work has demonstrated that a synergy between experiment and theory can go a long way in meeting these challenges, particularly in developing novel nano-materials for storing and releasing hydrogen as well as for high-energetic materials applications."

Analysis: With so much interesting and fundamental research being undertaken, the pace of change in the automotive industry is not likely to slow down any time soon. Everyone agrees that hydrogen is the best bet for a future fuel source, but in exactly what form is still difficult to say - in fact the possibility exists that producing hydrogen on the fly may dismiss the need to storage hydrogen at all.

[Source: Physorg.com]

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