2007 RM Auction, Scottsdale: The last Duesenberg sold at $2.55 MIL

1937/40 Duesenberg Model SJ Cabriolet – Lot 249

How much would you be willing to pay for the last Duesenberg SJ ever built? Or perhaps we should ask, how much do you think somebody in the market for a Duesenberg would be willing to pay? Before you answer, consider that this particular 1937 Duesie has had but three owners who have managed to accumulate just 10,000 miles since new. The car is in outstanding condition and remarkably, it is unrestored, it even rides on the original tires.

It's known as the Rudolf Bauer car, named after the original owner who also happened to be an eccentric abstract artist. The story of SJ-397 is quite fascinating and we encourage you to read the full account over at the RM auction website. For now we'll let the pictures do the talking, and just add that one happy couple is now $2.55 mil (before auction fees) lighter in the pocketbook, but will forever have a place in automotive history as custodian number 4 for this incredible car.

[Source: RM Auctions]

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