VW post-Bernhard getting major changes

Audi has raided the castle at Wolfsburg and changes are in store. New boss Martin Winterkorn has ordered that the new Scirocco, Golf and Passat be presented for scrutiny. Rounding out the new royal court at Volkswagen will be a coterie of raiders from Ingolstadt, among them Walter de'Silva. de'Silva will be tweezing the look of the new cars until Winterkorn is satsified. Also, the petrol-powered V10 returns to the Touareg, giving back a unique offering and hopefully enticing sales. We're not sure what Mr. Winterkorn doesn't like about the styling of the new cars, but we're hopeful that de'Silva will be allowed to stretch his legs and stun us when the re-designs start trickling out. As Winterkorn consolidates and centralizes power in Wolfsburg, we're sure to see bigger changes coming out of Volkswagen and its brands. We're all for it - what's the worst they can do, screw up? Judging from de'Silva's portfolio, that's not bloody likely.

[Source: Germancarblog]

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