Surprise! Recalls fall in 2006

We've noticed a few more posts about recalls have been going up the last couple of days, so one reader wanted us to know that, in fact, there were a lot fewer recalls last year in the U.S. than there were in 2005. Overall, the whole of the U.S. auto industry recalled 10.6 million vehicles in 2006, down some 38% from the 17.1 million vehicles that were recalled in 2005. Let's look at which automakers had a good year for recalls last year and which didn't.
General Motors: -73% at 1.4 million recalls (2005: 5 million)
Ford Motor Company: -71% at 1.7 million recalls (2005: 6 million)
Chrysler Group: 200% at 2.3 million recalls (2005: 765,777)
Nissan North America: 83% at 1.3 million recalls (2005: 709,838)

The article also talked about Toyota and Honda, but didn't provide enough recall info on either to include in our list above (and have you ever tried to search the NHTSA website for such information? Good luck). Both automakers, however, had a good year for recalls. Toyota, for instance, finished 2006 with 814,507 recalls, far fewer than the over 2 million that were issued in 2005. Honda, meanwhile, issues recalls affecting 1.2 million vehicles, the bulk of which was to replace owners manuals that were printed the incorrect telephone number for the NHTSA that led callers to a phone sex service. Without the printing fuax pas include, Honda recalled only 1,397 vehicles in the U.S. for actual mechanical troubles that adversely affected the safety of its vehicles.

Thanks for the tip, logiste!

[Source: American Society for Quality]

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