Spy Shots: Volkswagen Golf Variant

Back in the olden days, the Volkswagen Variant was the Type III Squareback. The Type IIIs were some of the coolest VWs ever (I had one, I'm biased). Wagons since then have been referred to as Variants. The latest VW to get "Varied" is the Golf. We'll likely know it in the States as the Jetta Wagon; either way, it'll be a handy little roustabout for those of us who need to carry stuff and don't want an SUV. Power in the US will likely be the 2.0L FSI four cylinder; and if the fuel situation ever gets sorted out, we expect the TDI to return, at least in some states.
We're tickled by little wagons like this. They're eminently useful, a great size for whipping around urban areas, and return good fuel economy. The Golf Variant has a flexible interior with plenty of little nooks and crannies, a rear seat that folds, flops, flips and comes out. The interior will surely be up to Volkswagen's class leading standards for design, materials and fit and finish. It's a darn sight handsomer than the Tiguan and likely far more useful. Our guess is that if you're interested in the Tiguan, you're not the analytical, pragmatic, efficiency junkie that's likely to covet this car in diesel form. Some of us are already drooling, could be the WVO fumes.

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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