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GM to change to "to better match the site's purpose"

This post is not meant to say anything bad about GM, in fact, I believe that GM has been doing a pretty good job lately of cleaning up their act. I guess history is hard to forget, though, because GM has taken some flak recently due to the name of one of their websites:

This site will soon be changed to to better "match the site's purpose," according to Greg Martin, a spokesman for GM, acknowledging "the irony of the name." The site uses quotes such as "Our Gas Engine. Powerfully cost-effective" and "the advantages of gas. Why gas? Learn more".

The site says the "Advantages of Gas" are:

  • Gasoline engines cost less than diesel engines
  • Gasoline is more readily available
  • Quiet Operation
  • Good solution for lower-mileage applications
  • Easy to service
  • Fast cab heater warm-up

However, the site also shows the better emissions of their newest diesel engines as compared to their earlier efforts. But, understandably due to the mission of the site, it does not mention any drawbacks of gasoline engines.

Gasoline engines are being promoted by GM in some of their medium duty applications, and the engine cited is usually their Vortec 8.1 liter giant. I think that this goes on to prove what I said in my recent editorial: All carmakers will build and advertise what sells in a specific market. This includes large gasoline-burning eight cylinder engines in trucks from GM, Ford, Toyota and Nissan... and that's not likely to change any time soon.

[Source: via Detroit News]

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