Toyota recalls another 553,000 Tundra and Sequoia models

Once again, Toyota is performing a voluntary recall of its Tundra pickup and Sequoia full-size SUV for ball joints that may wear out too quickly. We reported way back in May of 2005 when Toyota recalled 775,000 Tacomas, 4Runners, Tundras and Sequoias for the same issue, and the NHTSA has been investigating the issue since then. This time around, Toyota is recalling 553,000 Tundras and Sequoias built from 2004 through 2007. Anyone who has had a bad ball joint knows not only the irritation they cause, but also the potential for something dangerous to happen. The front suspension where these ball joints are located will make terrible knocking sounds, but in some instances, owners have reported that their worn ball joints have lead to losing control of the vehicle, rollovers and even the trucks collapsing on their front wheels! Automotive News reports that Toyota blamed the first recall in 2005 on the ball joints potentially being scratched during their assembly. Toyota has given no such reason for the recent recall, but it is acting in cooperation with the NHTSA to correct these issues that could be very dangerous for owners of the potentially affected vehicles. Toyota will be notifying those owners in February of the recall, and will replace both the left and right front ball joints at no charge. We should point, as well, that this recall will not effect the full-size Tundra pickup that's all-new and being built in Toyota's new plant in San Antonio, Texas.
[Source: CNN]

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